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Contact information & my rates

To contact me you can email ‘clare’ at ‘’ directly or by using the form below. You can also call me on 07438 653 038 or message me from my Facebook page.

Introductory shiatsu session ♥ <span class="accordion_special">My April offer also applies</span> ♥

No commitment,  then £20 for half an hour,  with the option for a full session

If you haven’t had shiatsu from me before you need some experience of receiving shiatsu work on the body to begin to understand its unique value. To have the benefit of this introductory experience, you can start with a shorter initial session.

You’ll still have the option to extend this to a full session if you would like to.

When we first meet you can spend a few minutes telling me what you’d like help with, and making sure you feel comfortable with me as your helper. For further reassurance, you’re making no commitment till you’re happy with that.

Full shiatsu session

£50 for one hour  •  Pre-payment discount available for further sessions

My special April rate applies if it’s your first time

After you’ve received your first full shiatsu session the benefit to you will progressively deepen with further and periodic sessions. I know how much difference this can make, so I encourage you to ensure you follow through with some more sessions if you possibly can.

To help with that I reduce the total cost of your first three sessions by £20 if you pay for them at (or before) your first appointment with me.

♥ <span class="accordion_special">This April - A special rate for your first shiatsu with me</span> ♥

If you haven’t had shiatsu from me before you can already book a low-cost introductory shiatsu session, but for this April in support of National Stress Awareness Month 2019 I’m pleased to offer you a special further reduction – your introductory half-hour for £16 or have a full session for £40.

You can find out more about National Stress Awareness Month 2019 at

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