Clare Shiatsu

Shiatsu therapy to support your physical and emotional health

About shiatsu

Shiatsu is practical support for you in a way which allows your whole body and mind to help itself find and maintain healthy balance. In a way that is centred on healing through non-intrusive touch and a deep understanding of how body and mind sustain themselves shiatsu is a powerful response to present day challenges to our sense of well-being and all sorts of suffering – physical or emotional pain, and problems with the cycles of our behaviour and bodily processes.

I apply long-established oriental systems of deep understanding through non-intrusive touch and talking. Bodywork takes place with the receiver fully clothed and usually lying on a futon mat.

I use touch and pressure applied with the hands, thumbs, elbows or feet; careful stretching; and rotation of joints. Combining these core practices with sensitive observation of your presence, awareness of the relationship I experience with you, and openness to intuitive insights flowing from this information, shiatsu can become ‘transformational’ – a deeper level of engagement uniquely appropriate for you which can be used to ground and support deep life change.

Shiatsu is a natural healing therapy developed in Japan and used there for centuries to promote health. Its foundation is Traditional Oriental Medicine, which incorporates thousands of years of understanding since the development of acupuncture in China. In its present form shiatsu has been further developed in Japan and the West over the last 100 years.

Transformational shiatsu additionally applies, amongst other ideas, insights from Zen philosophy.

Clare working with client's shoulders
Felt amazing after each session.

I arrived at Clare’s …

… in a right state – uptight, aching and on full throttle. Over four sessions we resolved issues and ‘unwound’ my body and mind. I recognise that leaving these feelings to their own devices is not a good move. Felt amazing after each session. Head cleared and body freer.

Melanie Harris