Clare Shiatsu

Shiatsu therapy to support your physical and emotional health

How I would like to help you

Through a course of shiatsu sessions I would like to address your particular problems of pain or trauma, tension, tiredness or stress, or help you with relaxation and sleep, or improvement of mood.

Each of us naturally experiences setbacks in our capabilities and health as part of being alive, but the pace and complexity of life in our current world gives rise to extra burdens of work rate and expectation which hurt us. Shiatsu offers acceptance and understanding, and focuses on improving vitality and health, and strengthening body, mind and spirit.

Beyond the more immediate relief of pain and discomfort, in the hands of the professional practitioner shiatsu can also be used to ground and support deep life change. It is likely that your suffering or pain is showing you an opportunity for personal transformation to a way of being more content and having a more fulfilling experience of life. I would love to help you move towards that.

Clare working with client on futon mat
... my well-being has improved beyond what I could have envisioned.

Clare proved to be a natural practitioner …

… and she was always very professional in her approach whilst being very kind and friendly thereby making me feel really comfortable. She genuinely cared about helping me with my various different problem areas and overall my well-being has improved beyond what I could have envisioned. The sessions I received whilst I was going through an extremely difficult and stressful period of my life were deeply relaxing and left me feeling grounded, centred and calm. They have enabled me to come off antidepressants after twenty years use and this would not have happened without the help of Clare.

I continued to be a client of Clare’s until she moved away and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone considering using her services.

Jane Felson