Clare Shiatsu

Shiatsu therapy to support your physical and emotional health

Welcome and thank you for your interest in shiatsu.

A course of shiatsu sessions offers support for your whole body and mind. With acceptance and understanding it focuses on improving vitality and health, and strengthening body, mind and spirit.

Shiatsu is a natural healing therapy developed in Japan, applying long-established oriental systems of understanding through physical contact and talking.

I currently practise in Worcester.

Clare Wratten DS (Diploma in Shiatsu) SRSS (Senior Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society)

... from the moment I walked in I could feel myself relaxing.

After a car accident several years ago …

… which made me hold my shoulders in a protective way, and suffering achy stiff, uncomfortable neck, back and shoulders, I felt I had all but given up after having physio, sports massages and pain killers. I met Clare, and decided I had nothing to lose by trying Shiatsu. I was sceptical. I had tried it all and didn’t think this would help for more than a day or two if at all!

My goodness – from the moment I walked in I could feel myself relaxing. Clare talked to me and assessed me before she laid a finger on me. We spoke at length about what I was feeling, and thinking. Then, she could tell the way I lay down that my shoulders weren’t level and I was ‘lopsided’.

I can’t explain it, but I just remember switching off from everything, being stretched – oh the stretching was so lovely! Pressure points, and just being able to heal. I tell you, Clare has magic hands. I was hooked, and really looked forward to our weekly, then fortnightly meeting.

I totally recommend Clare and her calming, knowledgeable way. You have nothing to lose, I defy anyone to go and not love it. You have one body, look after it, and let Clare help you.

Emma Gentry